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The definition of Done

At my current employment, we are having a chat about our definition of Done. It is unbelievably hard to come up with a definition that all team members agree on. Ask this question to two developers and you will get

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I have finally started on my learning project. Source code is up on github: A version of the application is running on appharbor: Its does nothing at the moment its just a blank mvc app. More to come soon

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First World Problems

Living in London, I use the tube weekdays to commute to and from work. London being what it is there are a lot of tourists who visit the city, and sometimes they struggle to get around as they don’t know

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Know your tools

I have been using Moq for so long that when I start to write tests, i start writing on automatic and not even think about what I type. I was busy refactoring some code that I have inherited which of

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I have been writing code sine I left uni in 1992. We never stop learning. I started this blog so that I can keep on learning. I have a sample application that I will start off very simple and with

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