First World Problems

Living in London, I use the tube weekdays to commute to and from work.

London being what it is there are a lot of tourists who visit the city, and sometimes they struggle to get around as they don’t know the underground as well as others. I know what that feels like as I remember being a bit lost sometimes when trying to get around when I first arrived in London.

I live in Zone 4. Its not a location that gets tourists. People that use this station are mostly commuters like me.

When the Oyster card card was introduced it was after every tube station in London had automatic gates installed, and pretty much everybody has an oyster card nowadays. Its now so much easier to get through the gates. touch in and touch out. no more putting paper tickets through a slot machine, and then trying again because it could not read the magnetic strip.

But what is really frustrating is when you get to the ticker barrier, and then the person in front decides now is a good time to look for their oyster card.


You have been sitting on a train for at least half an hour, spend minutes walking up stairs to the barrier, so why do you only start looking for you tickets at the barrier

Its not like its so fracking unexpected. You do it at least 4 times a day. Getting your bloody tickets out ready for the gates and stop pissing off everybody behind you. We have better things to do than stare at the back of your head for five minutes while you look through your bag.


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