Visual Studio 2012 and Typescript

If, like me you have been doing any sort of development using Typescript within Visual Studio, you have come to rely on Mads Kristensen’s Web Essentials 2012 plug-in, to enhance the plug-in that comes from Microsoft. I have come to rely on his split screen when creating typescript classes so that I can see instantly when I save if the code that has been produced will generate the javascript. Using the default plug-in requires so much extra work to verify your code has produced your javascript. A side benefit of this split screen support is that it is helping me improve my javascript patterns knowledge.

Mads has recently upgraded his tools to version 3. In version 3, he has removed his support for typescript, and he has detailed his reasons why.

I respect his reasons why he had done this. Its just a shame that the support for Typescript in Visual Studio is so substandard compared to what Mads has produced.

As at the time of writing this post, version 2.9 is still available for download here, but I like I am sure a lot of others are hoping that Microsoft updates their typescript support soon to duplicate what Mads has produced, or Mads can get typescript back in version 3.1 of his excellent tool.


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3 comments on “Visual Studio 2012 and Typescript
  1. conficient says:

    Exactly the same situation here. We use TFS for source control, so checked-in TypeScript files means the .js files are read-only. So attempting to compile any TypeScript fails because it tries to write the .js files on any related .ts code. We could get around this by using “Compile all typescript” in WebEssentials, but 3.0 removed this. We can’t use VS2013 preview for the same reason, and have downgraded to WE 2.9. Once VS2013 launches it must solve this problem or we cannot upgrade. We also REALLY miss the side-by-side JS view – you knew if your code wasn’t compiling from that.

  2. […] a previous post, I mentioned that version 3 of the Web Essentials tool no longer has any TypeScript […]

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