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Pushing images from Sitecore’s media library to Amazon CDN Part Two

In my previous post, Pushing Images from Sitecore’s media Library to Amazon’s CDN I set everything up to push images from Sitecore to Amazon’s CDN The final step that needs to be performed is to update Sitecore, so that Sitecore

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Pushing images from Sitecore’s media library to Amazon CDN

I was recently working on a project for a client that wanted to serve all their images via a CDN, but still wanted to maintain all their images in Sitecore. In addition we needed to import content that already contained

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Sitecore and Maxmind

I have been working on a project recently that needed to display content depending on where the site visitor came from. Content within the site was split into geographical regions. This sounds perfect for the Location Api within Sitecore, but

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Microsoft GIT strikes again

Wanted to test a new wcf service that I have to integrate with, so started off with a blank console app. Go to visual studio and select add service reference, etc, and then once all done hit ok. Only to

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Problems experienced with Sitecore’s PublishManager.PublishItem

A project that I was working on recently, I had to import items into a Sitecore 8 solution. After the data was imported, then the content needed to be published. The data was nested up to 5 levels deep. However

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Sitecore Multi language site with the language code in the URL Gotcha

One of the many ways Sitecore will allow you to specify a language is in the url eg – English Language Site – French Language Site I came across a gotcha that had me stumped for a while.

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Microsoft Exam 70-483 Programming in C#

I sat the original .net exams way back when, and I achieved my MCSD.NET. Its so long ago I cannot even remember when I completed everything. I think it was 2004/2005.   I accomplished this and after that never bothered

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My pet peeves about Sitecore

I have been working with Sitecore for about a year now, and I have got this list of annoyances that I just have to speak my mind with.   From the beginning When you first get Sitecore, its blank, it does

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What am I doing?

I have been away for a while.   Took on a new job and for a while become the pointy haired boss, but through a variety of factors decided that at this time it was not the right role for me.

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