Microsoft GIT strikes again

Wanted to test a new wcf service that I have to integrate with, so started off with a blank console app.

Go to visual studio and select add service reference, etc, and then once all done hit ok.

Only to be presented with this


Unable to check out the current file. The file may be read-only or locked, or you may need to check the file out manually.

and then this


The operation could not be completed.

Turn out the problem is that for Visual Studio’s Source Control it was set to “Microsoft Git Provider” as the current source control plug-in

Why oh why does this plug-in think that Git is like SourceSafe where you have to physically check out every file before you can do anything.

I know its my own fault I should have ensured that my source control plug-in is set to None but why can Microsoft not get its head out of SourceSafe mode.


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