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Journey into Angular

In the past when I was doing front end development, I was using Knockout. At the time we picked knockout over Angular because Knockout seemed to be the more mature product. Since that time, it looks like Angular has been

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Using Knockout – Part 1

This is the continuation of the previous post. Now that we have the data, and have populating our Model, all that is required is to create the template to use. If you are new to Knockout, the following sites will

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Setting up and using Typescript – Part 1

In a previous post, I started a restful API that returns policy information. Now its time to starting calling the API from client. First thing need is to get all the typing definition files. Any definition file required can be

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jQuery UI Tabs widget

I have been using the Tabs widget from the jQuery UI. It works great but we came across a situation which was greatly frustrating to solve. We have a Single Page App that is using the Tab Widget to display

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