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Building a Continuous Integration Environment for Sitecore Part 8 – Using Unicorn for Sitecore Item Syncronization

This is part 8 of the series of post that I am doing about building a Continuous Integration Environment using Sitecore, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy, and Unicorn. Part 1 – Setting Up TeamCity Part 2 – Setting up OctopusDeploy Part 3

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Microsoft GIT strikes again

Wanted to test a new wcf service that I have to integrate with, so started off with a blank console app. Go to visual studio and select add service reference, etc, and then once all done hit ok. Only to

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Visual Studio and Typescript Part 2

In a previous post, I mentioned that version 3 of the Web Essentials tool no longer has any TypeScript support. I was prompted about several Visual Studio updates, one of which was Web Essentials: Oh Joy of Joys, Mads has

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Visual Studio 2013 and Browser Link

Where I work, we have now moved our main development to VS2013 and .net 4.5. After upgrading all the projects to use .net 4.5.1, MVC to V5, and getting a successful build, it was time to run the application. Started

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Documenting the WebApi using Microsoft ASP.NET Web API 2 Help Page

This post will be to continue putting in place some of the plumbing for the MotorDB application. In previous post I created a RESTful web service to return policy data to the client. As this could be seen as a

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Visual Studio running on a 64 bit OS

I don’t know if anybody else has had this problem, but if this helps anybody the great, hopefully you be spending hours scratching around for a solution like I was I was going to create a new MVC project using

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